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 Wobworld Inc. is a 501 C (3) Nonprofit Corporation created by Rosalind Goly and Sam Stevens. The company’s headquarters is in Las Vegas, NV. Together Rosalind and Sam have developed an extraordinary Children’s Interactive Educational Multimedia Experience. It is in this world that children’s imagination and love of learning are sparked. The educational platform of Wobworld was designed for children (ages 2 through 6) and their parents by a team of educators and certified child psychologists.  

The Wobworld Television Show is a breakthrough in the way children will watch and learn through television. We are producing a completely new and innovative animated children’s television show that targets a critical age group that has never been attempted in the history of children’s programming. The fine technique used to astutely implant learning into a vibrant, animated, fun, environment. Wobworld is a world filled with colorful characters and lively music that will immediately capture and hold fast the preschooler’s attention. The shows cast of characters promote socially accepted behavior making exciting discoveries about science, nature, and the world around them.

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Mike Young, Chairman/Co-CEO Splash Studios LLC/Kabillion LLC

Opportunities to become a part of something great, something that will benefit children not only in the USA but around the World, do not come around as often as one would like. Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the newest addition to Splash Entertainment’s award winning lineup is the animated series “Wobworld.” With “Wobworld,” we intend to produce a completely new and innovative animated children’s television show that targets the important core demographic for early education of the 3 years to 6-year olds.  This series will follow in the tradition of our PBS TV series “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” “Jakers: The Adventures of Piggley Winks,” and “Clifford’s Puppy Days,” shows that featured the talents of Mel Brooks, John Ritter, Henry Winkler and many other celebrities.

Splash Studios, a leading worldwide production, distribution, brand management and entertainment company, specializing in children’s entertainment, and the winner of numerous awards including, 14 Daytime Emmy Awards, 12 Parents Choice Awards, and a BAFTA Award, will render services, as Producer and exclusive worldwide distributor of all rights in the Series for a term of 10 years. Kabillion will promote the Series, this subject to the agreement of the eventual US broadcaster (PBS discussions have already began), on the Kabillion Cable VOD and OTT TV Network for a term of 4 years renewable. The show will, subject to contract, air 5 days a week nationally on the Public Broadcasting System. Each season will be made up of 40 half-hour episodes plus 40 one minute standalone webisodes and an educational mobile video game. Time slots to be determined by the PBS Network.

Please keep in mind that Wobworld is a Nonprofit Corporation and there are considerable tax benefits for sponsoring a nonprofit corporation.

Sindy McKay - Writer for The Wobworld Television Series


Sindy McKay is a Five-time Emmy Award, three time Humanitas Award winning animation writer specializing in edu-tainment and preschool projects. Has written animation projects in coordination with the National Science Foundation, UNESCO, Children’s Television Workshop, Jim Henson and many more. Children’s books include over 30 titles. Work as in house story editor for “Treasure Bay Publishing”.Comedy a specialty

- worked as a stand-up comic for several years and co-created an all female improv group called “All Those Women.” Animation studios worked for include PBS Kids, Moonscoop, Disney Television Animation, Marvel, Henson, Film Roman and more. Also written toy based property scripts for MGA, Fisher Price, Mattel and more.

WOBWORLd is a revolutionary educational EXPERIENCE


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 This is a critical, yet exciting time to become one of the pioneers to reshape the future by properly preparing our children today to face the many challenges that lie ahead. Together we can prepare them to become an empowered society that will be the inspiration for future generations to come.  Please contact us at

A Wob Story

This is the official story of how this little raccoon-tailed ball-of-energy sprang to life one day in Dr. Fooie’s laboratory. 

Though Wob looks, moves, and reacts like an older child, he is as innocent and unlearned as a newborn baby.

He knows almost nothing about himself or the world around him - so he’s bursting with questions and eager for answers! 

Written by Peg Chmielewski, the story is based on the original character by Rosalind Goly.  

The Wob Story (pdf)


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