Rosalind Goly - Chairman of the Board

Rosalind Goly is a highly motivated and experienced executive with a proven history of business development. Characterized as a visionary, strategist, and tactician with a consistent record of delivering extraordinary results in growth, revenue, operational performance, and profitability. 

Aside from being a successful businesswoman, she is also a mother of two,  and a grandmother of five. The core inspiration for Wobworld comes from her grandson and her autistic granddaughter. Rosalind is a recognized leader and a true entrepreneur. She brings to Wobworld over 30 years of solid business experience. She owns two companies, a real estate consulting company, and a very successful precious diamond and crystal company.

Her love and compassion for children led her to create Wobworld. To date, she has personally invested over one million dollars of her own funds. She also took the project to the Cannes Film Festival twice and was successfully picked up by several networks in several countries. Rosalind’s creativity has allowed her to put together a team of professionals to bring Wobworld, this educational project to the world!

Sam Stevens - Chief Executive Officer

Sam Stevens is a dynamic take charge leader offering striking success propelling entrepreneurial startups. Sam consistently delivers mission-critical results. Driven by a visceral “hard-wired” need to direct, to innovate and to disprove the words “It can’t be done!” Gifted with the vision, determination, and skills needed for high-level revenue-building strategies and tactics.

Sam brings to Wobworld 29 years of entrepreneurial expertise, being a father and raising two young children on his own, he has exemplary morals and strong values. For the past 29 years, he has brokered exotic automobiles all over the world. He brings his business background along with a few quirks of the business world to Wobworld.

The board of directors has voted Mr. Sam Stevens as the Chief Executive Officer of Wobworld, we are proud to have an Executive who is comfortable in paradoxical situations, and has a passion for problem-solving and fixing things in new and inventive ways. 

Frank Chmielewski - Chief Operating Officer

 Frank Chmielewski is a serious businessman who uses his intuition in decision making, to chart new paths. He has always been diligent in surrounding himself with only the highest quality people, programs and clients. He began his professional career in New York City as an artist in Financial Advertising. By working in a creative atmosphere he discovered innovative ways of changing and doing things. He made a name for himself designing a variety of projects for world-renowned celebrities, recording stars, athletes, movie stars, and fortune 500 companies. 

His friendship with Staten Island, Congresswoman, Susan Molinari opened new doors which led straight to Washington D.C. where he designed projects for the White House, House of Representatives and House Speaker, Newt Gingrich. Back in New York City, he freelanced for Mayor, Rudy Giuliani; New York City Police Dept., and PBA Association. He also enjoyed success with the Dick Clark’s Radio Network; Capitol Records, VH1; MTV; NBC Television and FOX News

Frank’s nonprofit and charitable work focused on helping Eastern European refugees get a fresh start and begin a new and productive life in the United States. This work earned him the “Citizen of the Year Award” in 1994 by an NYC publication; a “Letter of Merit” from the New York Assembly; and a “Proclamation” from Borough President of Staten Island. He later served on the Board of Directors of the world-renowned Sanford R. Nalitt Institute for Cancer and Blood-Related Diseases.

Today he resides in Henderson, NV with his wife of 20 years, Peg and their two sons Jesse Chmielewski and Derek Chmielewski.


Art Directors Award (College Graduation) 

Catholic Youth Organization “The Francis Cardinal Spellman Youth Award”

Citizen Of The Year Award, 1994

A proclamation, Staten Island, New York

2011-2014 SEMA Automotive Show Media and Marketing Awards

R.I.A.A. Gold Record Award for George Harrison’s “Living In The Material World”

R.I.A.A. Platinum Record Award for Ringo Starr’s RINGO 

President Ronald Regan’s Presidential Task Force Medal of Merit 

Peg Chmielewski Managing Editor

Peg Chmielewski is a highly motivated and self-driven author/editor with over 20 years of experience in producing outstanding published work with top book and magazine publications. Always ambitious in applying her creative talents to new areas, Peg finally found her true calling and greatest sense of achievement in writing her own original stories for young children. She is also experienced working with children with special needs. Peg is taking on the role of Managing Editor with Wobworld and has written over a dozen books that will be published in 2020. She also has developed an extended character cast of over 30 new characters that will join the Wob on his many learning adventures.

Rosalind Goly: “We have confidence that Peg will be outstanding in leading Wobworld’s editorial staff in developing publications, periodicals, newsletters, books, and other manuscripts that are age-appropriate and adhere to our core mission.” 

Peg will also serve as the Recording Secretary to the Board of Directors.