Creative Bios

Ben Naff - Senior Director of Character Modeling and Animation

Ben Naff is an accomplished animation artist with more than 30 years  of experience in creating a wide variety of award-winning work. His animations can be seen on numerous music videos, commercials, and television programs. In 1997, Ben started his studio In Visible Inc. to serve a quickly growing client list that includes ABC, CBS, and USA Networks as well as many recording artists including Garth Brooks, Faith Hill and Toby Keith. He has also designed and created animated projects for clients including Delta Airlines, Sony, S&P 500, Bridgestone and The Carlyle Group.

Early in his career, Ben developed a passion for storytelling and  character animation. Acting vicariously through his 3d creations, Ben focuses on flushing out the nuances of facial expressions and body language that make up a characters personality.