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Wobworld offers early childhood education for pre-schoolers with a fun cast of animated characters,  solid story lines, and several learning environments, that have been proven to be successful. The star of Wobworld is the adorable little creature known simply as WOB. He is a raccoon-tailed ball-of-energy that looks, moves, and reacts like an older child but, he is as innocent and unlearned as a newborn baby. He knows almost nothing about himself or the world around him - so he’s bursting with questions and eager for answers! 

Wobworld has tapped into a niche that allows for an early developmental stage of learning coupled with a strategic approach to spatial thinking. We are proud to say that this is a niche no other children’s media or entertainment landscape has ever combined before.

Wobworld is delighted to present their education curriculum globally to all preschools and elementary educators at no cost. In addition, Wobworld, the animated television series, website, and mobile app will be featured in multiple languages.

Wobworld Offers A Superior Multimedia Learning Experience

  •  The Wobworld TV program stimulates early learning skills while promoting socially accepted behavior. The program also illustrates several ways to build self-confidence to embrace and deal with life’s many challenges and to discourage hyperactivity.
  • Wobmob.club, the Wobworld website is currently in development. Upon completion it will be a revolutionary, fully interactive, high tech, learning website that will easily surpasses every other educational website available. Our website will work in tandem with the Wobworld television show. Wobworld’s interactive website has been developed with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in mind. Children of all abilities, including those with cognitive, hearing, or visual impairments, can fully engage with the content in a manner that is easily accessible and highly engaging. Also keep in mind that unlike other educational websites we stay on-point with fun while learning. 


  • Wobworld’s maintenance policy for the website is to update the system with new material every two weeks. Because Wobworld is a place without boundaries a child’s learning journey is virtually limitless.
  • The Wobworld website is free for all schools, teachers, and educators. Membership for families is only $2.99 a month.
  • The Free Wobworld App. is a state-of-the-art fully interactive mobile app that redefines the terms education through entertainment. We are raising the bar by producing a game format integrated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) learning activities.
  • Wobworld provides children and parents with an innovative multi-media experience that brings together next generation education products across traditional and interactive platforms.
  • The educational-scientific rationale behind Wobworld has a high potential to enhance students’ understanding and learning motivation, while being grounded in the national educational learning outcomes associated with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) in schools. 


  • Wobworld’s curriculum is advanced and teaches children about algorithms, a set of instructions to help a computer perform a specific task. Coding for preschoolers is generally best to introduce through fun hands-on games and activities that make kids think like a computer programmer. We provide activities that promote logical thinking, and have a problem to solve. Coding teaches skills such as learning to problem solve efficiently, and helping to develop persistence, resilience, and determination which are all highly sought-after skills in the workforce, and in life in general.
  • Wobworld provides a multimedia platform for children to explore these critical subject areas in a way that scaffolds the learning and makes thinking visible. Educator resources allow teachers to harness the powerful attachment children form with the Wob and Friends to support them in facilitating highly engaging instructional lessons and assessments through the Wobworld digital learning campus.

  • Wobworld provides a positive and safe “attachment” site that is fun, entertaining, educational, and which properly prepares for the upcoming growing years.

  • Wobworld’s programming and curriculum incorporate these critical competencies, including self- awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.

  • WobWorld episodes are designed to prioritize fun, active engagement, and an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving. Wobworld creates a learning environment that is positive and safe for young learners to take risks and experiment without the fear of making mistakes.

  • WobWorld’s digital learning campuses are exciting places where children’s imaginations are ignited to explore scientific and technological phenomena, while integrating real life math skills and creative multi-modality artistic expressions (dance, movement, vocal music, and more.)

  • WobWorld’s game-based learning activities reinforce math, science, and technology concepts, while children learn socially and emotionally appropriate interaction skills with their peers. These “soft skills” are the foundation of the national 21st Century Life and Career Skills that support young learners in becoming responsible, creative, and collaborative citizens who are capable of communicating and collaborating with others, who use critical thinking skills to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, and who learn to act ethically and with social responsiveness as they grow as young adults.

  •  Wobworld is innovative in educational programming, aligning both the academic and behavioral standards of public education with the weekly content of programming. Wobworld offers a promising program that can bridge the learning between home and school, supporting the key readiness skills that children are expected to master in school. 

Wobworld Provides Services For Children with Special Needs

  • In Wobworld, no one is left out. Children with disabilities, including those with cognitive, hearing, or visual impairments, can fully engage with the content in a manner that is easily accessible and highly engaging.
  • Wobworld always motivates and supports positive thinking and smiling. This helps both children with or without special needs. Wobworld characters are always positive and never negative. This is particularly important for children especially with autism since they typically have difficulty with social interactions. 

Wobworld Provides For Children Who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Many children who are deaf or hard of hearing struggle academically with reading and math. Research from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association indicates that on average, children with a mild to moderate hearing loss who do not receive intervention services are likely to be “one to four grades lower” than average hearing children. Those with a more profound hearing loss who do not receive services barely pass the third grade level.

  • Wobworld provides essential lessons, and activities developed specifically for children with different degrees of hearing disabilities. This is not a place where they will feel any peer pressure and can learn at a pace they are comfortable with. They are presented with the opportunity to repeat any lesson for as long as it takes them to fully understand the material. 

  • Wobworld has turned to highly trained deaf educators, psychologists, and technical engineers to ensure that the best curriculum is being offered and by a state-of-the-art method of delivery.

Wobworld Provides For Children Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

There is a growing awareness among parents, teachers, blind youth, and the adult blind community that the education which children who are blind or visually impaired are receiving is failing them. They are not receiving a quality education which can prepare them to compete in the demanding high tech economy and society of the 21st Century. They are not learning to use and trust the alternative techniques which blind persons must have if they are to be successful. They are not developing the positive attitudes toward their blindness which are so essential to them if they are to become mature, responsible, productive adults.

  • Parental assistance is recommended for children to navigate through the website. All instructions and information is 100% audible with no required reading. Children visiting Funville can choose from a number of book titles offered by Magic The Cat. Choose a title and Magic will be more than happy to read to you. You can also choose the Wobworld pod cast and hear the latest episode of the animated show with special audio extras, care of the Wob himself.

  • As a registered member of Wobworlds Interactive website, all blind members can receive up to two braille editions of our published books. Order four and we will deliver them to you. When you are finished, simply return them to us and we will be happy to send you two more titles at no charge (shipping included).

Wobworld is a World Without Borders

Wobworld is a place without borders. Wobworld’s learning environments promote the development of children’s critical thinking skills; foster awareness of diversity and multiculturalism; and support enthusiasm and engagement as the cornerstone of learning. The content nurtures children’s capacity to engage deeply in individual and group activities and projects. Wobworld will be presented in multiple languages.


  • After a child completes the Wobworld curriculum they are fully prepared and ready to begin kindergarten with a positive mindset. Wobworld prepares students to begin a lifetime of learning with an appreciation for knowledge and success.


We do encourage all Teachers and Educators to download Wobworld's Detailed Fact Sheet. 

This pdf document has been prepared especially for Teacher's, Educator's, and Schools. 

The download is free.

Free Download for Teachers, Educators, and schools

Wobworld Education Fact Sheet (pdf)