The Wobworld Numbers Song

 A Fun Song for kids to learn numbers in different languages. Join the cast of Wobworld as they take you on a learning adventure! 

The official wob story

 This is the official story of how this little raccoon-tailed ball-of-energy sprang to life one day in Dr. Fooie’s laboratory. Written by Peg Chmielewski, the story is based on the original characters by the Wob's creator and Wobworld's Chairman of the Board, Rosalind Goly. 

Narrated by Dr. Fooie (Christopher Gutierrez)

A Video Message from the Wob


Join our curious, furry-tailed, little creature known simply as the Wob and his friends, the "Wob Mob." Together they venture out on exciting and playful learning adventures through a special land known as Wobworld. We offer a creative new approach to teaching, "learning through discovery" and "responsive strategies." 

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