Exclusive Worldwide Sponsorship!

We will carefully prepare a one-of-a-kind, exclusive worldwide sponsorship package for your

company that aligns with your vision, values, and goals—specifically your desires to build lifetime relationships with customers, to provide them with exceptional service, guidance, and to make a positive contribution to communities through philanthropy and leadership. Below are just a few sponsorship options that are available available. 

On the Wobworld television show:

  • The opening and closing 45-second commercial—the only commercials during the entire episode—of every Wobworld television episode, running 5 days a week, nationally and in 46 countries worldwide. In the United States alone, PBS reaches more than 100 million households.
  • Of the 40-episode television season of Wobworld, one episode storyline can center on your type of business.

On the website Wobsmob.com:

  • A building branded with your company’s name can appear in one of our Wobworld cities for one year.
  • Your Company-branded building will be interactive. Children can “walk” inside and view a series of videos that will broadcast on our own WOB-TV®.

We also can offer:

  • Two videos will be produced especially for children.
  • Two videos will be produced for parents and adults.
  • You can receive licensing rights for selected Wobworld branded merchandise (for
  • example a Wobworld co-branded piggy bank.)
  • A Wobworld co-branded educational packet written by our educational specialists and designed by our graphic designers for cohesiveness with the Wobworld brand.
  • T-shirts featuring the Wob standing outside your Wobfalls branded building.
  • Your company name and logo will be included on all coloring books, multimedia DVDs, fliers, and pamphlets created by Wobworld for one year.
  • One of our picture books can feature your company name and logo.
  • The back cover of every eBook and printed book produced by Wobworld for one year will be a full-page advertisement.
  • We can create a custom 60 second Wobworld/(your company) animated advertisement to be used repeatedly during a dedicated social media campaign.
  • • Your company representative can be featured in a 60-second video distributed on our YouTube channel and broadcast across all of our social media channels.

For more information please feel free to contact us info@wobworldnp.org


Worldwide Exposure Through Broadcasting

 As a nonprofit corporation, Wobworld Inc. depends heavily on donations and sponsorships from organizations to provide the support necessary to continue their mission to educate, empower, and inspire children everywhere. 

Our research indicates that over 80% of parents are actively watching television and participating in games with their children daily. Wobworld is proud to present its educational curriculum globally to all preschools and elementary educators at no cost. 

A corporate sponsorship of Wobworld offers a fantastic opportunity to place your brand in alignment with our programming across a number of popular networks.  Each month, nearly 100 million people through television and nearly 33 million people online explore the worlds of science, history, culture, great literature and public affairs through trusted Networks.

Wobworld Partnership Presentation

This presentation has been prepared for potential Wobworld Sponsors